Intelligent Surveys, Actionable Insights.

Our powerful tools help you automatically summarize results, dig deeper into your data, and present findings with tailored reports.

Software for surveys

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How Metolius works

We guide you through survey creation, data collection, and analysis, so you can glean real-time insights from the responses to your questionnaires.

Survey Creation

Easily create intelligent questionnaires, pulse surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience.

Powerful Analysis

Automatically analyze your results and use powerful analysis tools to dig deeper.

Actionable Results

Use your insights to make better, data-driven decisions and export graphs and reports for collaboration.

They use Metolius to get insights.

Create surveys that get deeper insights.

Easily create personalized surveys that people enjoy answering. We’ll help you keep your survey engaging and conversational.

Create a custom survey or pick a template and build a simple survey in minutes.

Dynamic Demographic Filters allow you to create surveys with filterable demographic questions. Slice and dice your assessment data with any of your demographic questions.

Conditional logic, aka gated questions, lets you ask the right follow-up questions and skip the rest.

Actionable Insights with salient features

Actionable real-time
analysis made easy.

Slice down data and gain crucial insights using the Metolius charting module. Understand what’s amiss to improve your business’s functioning operations in real-time. Start analyzing the data as people take your survey.

real-time analysis for surveys

Convert the insights into tailored reports.

Assisted by artificial intelligence, Metolius turns you into a world-class researcher as it delivers the actionable insights and publication-ready reports you need.

Review survey analysis and results even while
the survey is open.

Built-in Significant Difference calculation to statistically
validate filtered data sets.

Create benchmarks and ‘reference data points’
on the fly

Modern Managers

Metolius is data analysis for the rest of us. Build, deploy and analyze Intelligent Assessments and share them in digestible reports with your team and stakeholders to collaborate and solve your business problems.

Operation Survey

Operations Manager

Audit departments and improve operational efficiencies.

Intelligent surveys increase business performance by giving you the tools to audit departments and improve operational efficiencies.

Hr surveys

HR Manager

Use Intelligent Assessments for all your HR needs.

Improve your new hire training and on-boarding experiences and understand why employees are staying or leaving your company. Use survey templates or customize an assessment to fit your individual needs.

Marketing surveys

Marketing Director

Quickly understand consumer behaviors.

Advanced charting analytics allows you to ‘slice-and-dice’ your data to evaluate each and every market segments’ drivers instantaneously.

Surveys made easy.

Build, deploy and analyze Intelligent Assessments and share reports with your team and stakeholders.

create a online survey