Get insights into your

Our powerful tools help you automatically summarize results, dig deeper into your data, and present findings with tailored reports.

Actionable Insights with salient features


One seamless survey platform to replace them all

Metolius allows you to build, deploy, collect responses, analyze results with dynamic filters, and generate reports—all in one platform.

No more exporting spreadsheets from a survey program to import into different analytics and reporting programs.

(Your data is available for export if you need it though.)


Get key insights without cobbling them together

Analyze data in real-time. Metolius's charting dashboards let you gauge progress across teams and projects without the manual effort. And easily share your findings to keep everyone on the same page.

Survey reports

Take control of your data quality
with intuitive features

We guide you through survey creation, data collection, and analysis, so you can glean real-time insights from the responses to your questionnaires.

Total Survey Customization

From question set up to charting color palettes to scalar configuration, every single aspect of survey creation in Metolius was built for total customization.

Powerful Analysis

Slice & dice your assessments with industry leading analysis tools like customizable Dynamic Demographic Filters so you can dig deeper.

Instance Copying

Have you created the perfect tailor-made survey for your organization and want to run it regularly? Metolius allows you to copy a survey into a new instance or copy and edit it if anything needs to change for the next time.

Automatic Crosstab Builder

Metolius automatically builds your crosstabs for every single data calculation ran.

Data Set Comparisions & Benchmarking

Save an unlimited amount of data sets for comparision and analysis, and create benchmark data to continuously measure and compare the most important information to you.

All Question Types

Rank Order, Rating (Likert Scale), Nested, Demographic Questions (aka Dynamic Filter Questions), Multiple Choice, Open Ended Questions & Response-Based Open Ended Questions, Branch Filtering, Gated Questions (aka Skip Logic).

Create surveys that get deeper insights.

Easily create personalized surveys that people enjoy answering. We’ll help you keep your survey engaging and conversational.

Create a custom survey or pick a template and build a simple survey in minutes.

Dynamic Demographic Filters allow you to create surveys with filterable demographic questions. Slice and dice your assessment data with any of your demographic questions.

Conditional logic, aka gated questions, lets you ask the right follow-up questions and skip the rest.

Actionable Insights with salient features

Surveys made easy.

Build, deploy and analyze Intelligent Assessments and share reports with your team and stakeholders.

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